when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.

-Jonathan Gillette

About Me

I am a small time developer from 🥝 New Zealand with a lot of free time on my hands. I spent my days developing web applications mostly 🕹️ Dashboards and similar applications. But I do occasionally dip my feet into the world desktop applications with Kotlin and Java. But I do perfer to use Web techologies such as typescript Typescript and VueJS

My Projects

I have work on many projects how-ever the following are some of my notable/showcase worthy projects


QRLS is a kiosk system for the Questionable Research Labs which allows members and guests to sign in when entering the building and also manage and view who has been in the building.



NZGM (NZGrapher Modern) is a modern alternative to the NZGrapher web graphing application which has many improvements of NZGrapher such as live editing data and the ability to run offline.

GitHub View Website


Pond is a custom programming language for writing scripts for a USB Rubber ducky it improves alot upon the existing ducky code language providing variables and macros.



KNI (KAMAR Notices Interface) is a collection of libraries in different programming languages that all have the one purpose of fetching notices from the KAMAR portal application.


My Socials

You can get in touch with me using any of the following. My github is the first link and that hosts all of my publicly available code which you can check out.